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Nov 24, 2015

In this episode we welcome Dave Champion back to the show and talk about firearms and firearm safety.

Champion is a bear when it comes to firearms safety. He insists that his students live, eat, breath, and sleep it. No innocent person should ever be harmed by your weapon!

Champion’s firm belief is that it is NOT the government’s job to protect you. It’s YOUR job to protect you! He believes that to whomever you look for your protection is, in the final analysis, your master. He has little sympathy for those who neglect training to protect themselves and then whine about being the victim of violence. Like everything else in life, it is a choice. Choose wisely!

Nov 18, 2015

In this episode we welcome founder and former Heart Math CEO Bruce Cryer. Bruce Cryer has dedicated his life to helping people achieve greater well-being, vitality, success, inspiration and fulfillment in their personal and business lives. As a prominent business executive, international leadership consultant and coach, speaker and author, he has a 35-year track record of helping individuals and organizations overcome significant business challenges and create lucrative businesses that positively impact the lives of others. Not without challenge himself, Bruce has had to overcome several serious health challenges, on the path to now enjoying the highest level of fitness and health of the past thirty years. Named one of the Top 50 Thought Leaders in Personal Excellence by Leadership Excellence magazine, he is passionate about helping executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants anywhere achieve the right mix of strategic clarity and success, along with a level of personal performance and health that is enhanced, not sacrificed.

Nov 11, 2015

In this episode we welcome Richard Grove to the show.

Richard Grove excelled during his time in the public schooling system. As an entrepreneur, he launched his first business before graduating college;and that experience provided him with the necessary leverage to land a six-figure salaried position as an enterprise software account manager, servicing the world’s largest companies upon graduation.

Despite his impressive resume and successful career in Information Technology servicing Fortune 100 companies and National Security Contractors, having earned his first million dollars before age 30, Richard soon bumped up against reality; for which his years of schooling did not prepare him. Richard was thrust into an unknown world, where he discovered that the true nature of the corporate world is not one of integrity, voluntary relationships, honest dealing, nor accountability.

Specifically, in 2001, Richard was an account executive servicing his client Marsh & McLennan companies, and worked within the area which used to occupy the 96th through 99th floors of World Trade Center One. Surviving the catastrophe of the morning of September 11th, which is comprehensively described in Richard’s 2006 public disclosure message titled “Project Constellation: A Message to the Future of America”, he continued to work in his chosen profession, servicing the world’s largest financial clients in New York City.

In 2003, Richard witnessed events which were to have wide-spread effects across companies and individuals (the seeds of the 2007 subprime mortgage meltdown), and took the steps which led to him becoming a corporate whistleblower under the 2001 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, not realizing at the time that he would be terminating his career as a consequence.

He soon discovered that the court system, SEC, and corporate media worked together to block the public from hearing about whistleblower testimony; representing himself in court against a multi-billion-dollar international corporation, as detailed in the film 20/20 Hindsight: CENSORSHIP on the Frontline.

What may have sounded like conspiracy “theories” in 2006 (Data-Mining and Spying on Citizens, The Planning of Financial Catastrophes, NSA/Google, and Corporate Media partaking in the demolition of our civil liberties), proves today to be relevant and verifiable historical facts related by Richard during his public disclosure via Project Constellation, and evident in his continued productions ever since.

Since then, Richard and his fiancée Lisa, have been tirelessly researching and documenting the existing artifacts and evidence of world history; whereby they then produce educational films and podcasts, and together host the Tragedy & Hope online research community. Tragedy and Hope dot com, is named of course after the 1966 book by professor Carroll Quigley titled “Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time”. The purpose of Tragedy and Hope dot com and the book of the same name are practically synonymous, where Quigley leaves off in his brilliant discussion of the history and inter-workings of the elite ruling class and our non-elected leaders; T&H picks up and continues fleshing out how the world really works, and how all of us can learn to think more clearly about it.

Tragedy and Hope creates, produces, and publishes educational content to help adults understand the world they live in and thereby, develop true self-confidence and serenity of mind; our content focuses on history, philosophy, economics, anthropology, science, communications, and every topic which pertains to learning how to survive and thrive in this world.

In 2009 Richard launched the Peace Revolution, a “beyond Ph.D.” curriculum presenting the history and substantial artifacts of how the world *really* works.

In 2011 Richard and Lisa, with a little help from their friends produced “The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto”; released 2012.

In May of 2012 Mark Gaffney published his essential book “Black 9/11: Money, Motive and Technology”, which features the testimony of Richard Grove, as introduced into evidence during his trial as a whistleblower.

In January of 2013 Richard launched “History… So It Doesn’t Repeat“, a video series hosted on YouTube to provide the audience with the primary sources, strategies, and tactics of Cognitive Liberty.

In June of 2013 Tragedy and Hope and Free Mind Films released “State of Mind: The Psychology of Control“, available exclusively in the Store; featuring Richard Grove, Alex Jones, G. Edward Griffin, Jon Rappoport, Dr. Colin Ross, Dr. Bruce Levine, Dr. Eldon Taylor, and Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, among others.

Link to web brain discussed on the show.

Nov 10, 2015

In this show we welcome Adam Williams to the show and talk about mindset, abundance, 9/11, and doing the great work.

Nov 6, 2015

In this episode we welcome Douglas Martin back to the show and finish our discussion and reading of the book End of All Evil by:Jeremy Locke


PDF copy of the book here:

Nov 5, 2015

In this episode we continue the reading and discussion of the book End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke.

read along with the PDF here:

Nov 4, 2015

In this episode we welcome Frater X back to the show. Frater X is an artist and published author of both speculative fiction and critical research. He is a lecturer and prolific analyst of hermetics, esoteric philosophies, occult sciences and Mystery Traditions. As a former member of 9 different esoteric orders including the KnightsTemplar, Knight Masons, Order of the Sword of Bunker Hill, Masonic Rosicrucians, and the Ancient Order of Druids-he is recognized internationally as an expert in secret societies and occult orders. Frater X is the author of the new book: The Secret War Inside Freemasonry. He also produced a dvd titled: The Secret War On Human Consciousness a video recording of his 2013 power point presentation at the Free Your Mind Conference 2 in Philadelphia, PA. He is currently working on a new article for Paranoia Magazine tentatively titled: The Ghosts of the Nephilim. His research and discussion on this and all related subjects has been presented and well received worldwide. His work can be found at

Order his book here:


Nov 3, 2015

In this episode we welcome founder Jeff Berwick back to the show and discuss his recent experience with Ibogaine.

Jeff Berwick is an Anarcho-Capitalist. Libertarian. Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante, CEO of TDV Media & Services and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and gold conferences including his own, Anarchapulco, as well as regularly in the media including CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business.

Jeff’s background in the financial markets dates back to his founding of Canada’s largest financial website,, in 1994. In the late ‘90s the company expanded worldwide into 8 different countries and had 250 employees and a market capitalization of $240 million USD at the peak of the “tech bubble”. To this day more than a million investors use for investment information every month.

Jeff was the CEO from 1994 until 2002 when he sold the company. Afterwards, Berwick went forth to live on and travel the world by sailboat but sank his boat in a storm off the coast of El Salvador. After being saved clinging to his surfboard with nothing but a pair of surfing shorts left of all his material possessions he decided to “live nowhere” and travel the world as spontaneously as possible with one overarching goal: See and understand the world with his own eyes, not through the lens of the media.

He went on to visit nearly 100 countries over five years and did and saw things that no education could ever teach. He met and spoke with a plethora of amazing people, from self-made billionaires to some of the brightest minds in finance – as well as entrepreneurs from a broad range of backgrounds and locations from tech companies in southern China to resource developers in Thailand, Russia and Chile. He also read everything he could find on how the world really works… politically and financially. A pursuit he continues to this day.

That education led him to become one of the biggest proponents of the Permanent Traveler/Prior Taxpayer (PT) Theory. He has since started numerous businesses including TDV Offshore and TDV Wealth Management to help others internationalize their assets. He also founded TDV Passports in 2009, although he turned over control to his partner in 2013, to help people get foreign residencies and citizenships.

He expatriated, long ago from his country of birth, Canada, and considers himself a citizen of the world. He has lived in numerous locales since including Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Acapulco, Mexico.

Oct 31, 2015

In this episode we welcome Dave Champion to the show.

Dave was born in Southern California and was a wild teenager during the “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” days of the late 70’s.

But Dave embarked in an entirely different direction when he joined the U.S. Army and became an Airborne Ranger.

After leaving the Army, Dave returned to So Cal and engaged in a number of careers, including law enforcement, the corporate world, the hi-tech industry, business owner, legal consultant, and more.

Dave is a published author, having written the complete and definitive work demonstrating (through the law) the very narrow and limited application of the income tax. (Hint: Most Americans don’t owe any!) The book, entitled “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”, can be seen at

For 9 years Dave hosted the highly successful liberty-oriented political talk radio show, The Dave Champion Show. Virtually all of those shows can still be heard today here.

Dave has a martial arts background, and is an expert in firearms and tactics. Dave teaches advanced tactics and firearms skills with Combat Dynamics Group.

Dave is also a public speaker and teacher, having given speeches on numerous subjects, including the income tax, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the 14th Amendment, and the 16th Amendment.

Dave has been a frequent guest on radio shows around the country discussing topics such as economics, political theory, America’s future, and more.

Dave is also the author of most (if not all) of the material appearing on

In November 2012, Dave took his radio show to TV. Dave’s weekly TV shows can be seen live in the Las Vegas market. Archives of the TV show can be seen at here and on You Tube.

Dave works tirelessly against the sick and destructive agenda of Leftists and other Statists. He believes that the Leftist/Statist agenda can only prevail where lies are allowed to flourish and are accepted. And the best antiseptic for the infection of lies is the bright warm light of truth. It is this bright warm light of truth that Dave brings to America every week!

Oct 31, 2015

In this episode we welcome Robert Homrich to the show. Robert Homrich is a true modern day renaissance man in every sense of the term. He is a life-long, self-taught, student of the arts, with diverse skills in a number of different fields, including graphic design, portrait art, mural art, mechanical drafting, architecture, cartography, film-making, music composition, music production, and music theory. Dedicated to the continued pursuit of all arcane knowledge's, his studies have branched out to include astrology, alchemy, philosophy, mythology, esoteric symbolism, sacred geometry, occult magic, secret societies, and more.

Famous for his highly controversial artwork, The Vitruvian Code, he revealed the secret design of Washington, DC in stunning detail

Buy the Vintruvian Code here:

Oct 30, 2015

In this episode we welcome founder Rick Simpson. Rick Simpson is a retired power engineer who worked for 25 years in the medical system in Canada. After suffering a severe head injury in 1997 he took all the medications that the doctors prescribed, but their side effects did nothing but harm. So in desperation he turned to the use of cannabis extracts, which he produced himself and quickly found that he had discovered the greatest natural medicine on earth. After learning the truth about the amazing healing abilities of these extracts, he then went to everyone in authority to have its use recognised once more, but found that in reality those who control our lives, wanted to keep the truth hidden from public view. Having no where else to turn, he then made this knowledge public and since that time countless individuals world wide have used his information to cure or control illnesses for which our current medical systems have no solution.

For more information visit: - the only real Rick Simpson web site

Extraction method:

Oct 30, 2015

In this episode we welcome back to the show Douglas Martin and continue our reading and discussion of the book End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke. Part 7

Part I Episode #57

Part II Episode #61

Part III Episode #64

Part IV Episode #65

Part V Episode #66

Part VI Episode #70

Oct 15, 2015

In this episode we welcome founder Dale Brown. Dale C. Brown is the founder of The Detroit Threat Management Center located in Detroit. Commander Brown created Eclectikan survival tactical training systems in 1993.This training system is comprised of tactical psychology, tactical law and tactical skills, to teach communities and corporations how to properly manage human threats and create non-violent outcomes.
In 1995, on the eastside of Detroit, Commander Brown officially formed the V.I.P.E.R.S. (Violence Intervention Protective Emergency Response System). A bodyguard tactical training program that emphasizes the importance of mission motivated altruistic community service. The organization became known for helping the community, by stopping home invasions and murders that had been a problem for many years prior. This resulted in a good quality of life for the residents who lived in the community. The byproduct of which meant that the building owners went into the black for the first time in twenty years and the police department received accolades for a 90% reduction in violent crime and 911 calls.

Oct 2, 2015

In this episode we welcome Douglas Martin back to the show and continue our discussion and reading of the book End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke.


Sep 28, 2015

In this episode we welcome the Host of Natural Born Alchemist Podcast Alex and delve into the topic of psychedelics. 

Sep 26, 2015

In this episode we welcome the star of the Vinny Eastwood. Vinny is a talk show host and activist who resides in New Zealand.


Sep 25, 2015

In this episode we welcome Mark Devlin to the show. Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ and music journalist, specialising in black/ dance music in its many forms. In more recent years he has begun speaking on radio and at events about the dark forces that have been manipulating and controlling the mainstream music industry for decades, and how this ties into the much larger picture of what is really going on in the world. 


Sep 11, 2015

In this episode we welcome Douglas Martin back to the show and continue reading and discussion of the book End of All Evil by: Jeremy Locke

Aug 28, 2015

In this episode we welcome back Douglas Martin to the show and continue (part IV) our reading and discussion of the book End of All Evil by: Jeremy Locke

Part I Episode #57

Part II Episode #61

Part III Episode #64

PDF version of End of All Evil:

Aug 28, 2015

In this episode we welcome Douglas Martin back to the show and continue (part III) our reading and discussion of the book End of All Evill by: Jeremy Locke

PDF version of End of All Evil:

Part I is located on episode #57 

Part II is located on episode #61

Aug 28, 2015

We welcome Free Your Mind Conference organizer and founder Bob Tuskin to the show. 

Aug 26, 2015

In this episode we welcome artist Robbie Allen to the show. Robbie is a freelance artist & designer travelling the world. He left my home in Brighton, U.K to travel July 2009, since then I have lived and worked in Australia and New Zealand. He has also spent many exciting months backpacking around South Eastern and Central Asia, Canada, the U.S and Europe!

Robbie creates digital art, graphic design, book cover art, wall/mural art, pencil sketches, and other traditional painting media. If you are looking for a world travel inspired artist or designer to produce any kind of work listed above, whether traditional or digital, please send him an email at;

Aug 24, 2015

Welcome Douglas Martin back to the show and in this second episode of our series we continue our reading and discussion of the book End of All Evil by: Jeremy Locke

Read along with the PDF here:

Aug 23, 2015

We welcome founder Ivan from Phoenix. In this episode we talk about various topics ranging from order followers, burningman, and what it means to do the great work. 

Aug 22, 2015

In this episode Bill welcomes back Marc Stevens to the show. Marc Stevens is a voluntaryist, consultant, author, and host of a radio show called The No State Project, the only radio show on the air dedicated to bringing about a voluntary society. His first book, based on ten years of personal experience in American courts, Adventures in Legal Land, rips the veil of legitimacy from the state and exposes it for what it is, a fiction whose purpose is to divert our attention away from what government is doing to us. Marc Stevens proves there is no legitimate government, that government is anti freedom, the only way mankind will be enjoy freedom is to stop accepting and engaging government.


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