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Jul 24, 2015

In this episode we wlcome revolutionary thinkers Charles Gilchrist & Gabriel Cavazos to the show.


Gabriel "Jay" Cavazos: As president and CEO of Cav Con industries. Parent company to the innovative group that includes ARCOTU "Architecture of the Universe" bio design engineer Gabriel J come Ossos possesses 30 years experience in the construction design land development he originally establishing the partnership would dissolve allowing Gabriel to establish Cav Con industries of Michigan that quickly became one of the most sought after design build construction managers in the business after building managing some of the most prestigious development projects in the world like Fountainbleu Casino Hotel resort in Las Vegas. Today Gabriel's commitment to new Bio architecture future of construction and land development is strictly 100% eco-sustainability which he coins to 2M2D "tomorrow today" which current projects in the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, and Chile. ARCOTU is leading the way in developing new proprietary technologies and organic composite materials that he currently utilizes and believes will eventually replace structural steel and concrete as standard building materials because it provides superior strength, lighter weight, complete ductility with unlimited design and capabilities +0 environmental impact and bio energy conducive, a policy that is consistent with been required by Gabriel and all Cav Con industries/ARCOTU projects.

Contact info:


Charles Gilchrist:


Charles Leslie Gilchrist was born in Wichita Kansas on June 17, 1940 at 12:04 PM. He showed marked artistic talents at a very early age, drawing and painting constantly. His artistic career really began at the age of four, as he was already convinced of his life's path.

His formal art education began at the age of 11 (1951). He was the youngest student ever taken by Genevieve Ingram Frickle, a well known portrait and landscape painter, living, working and teaching in Wichita. She developed his natural drawing talent and taught him to see as an artist.


In 1954, the family moved to the Chicago area (Park Forest, Illinois) and Charles graduated from Rich Township High School in 1958.


He attended Beloit College (Beloit, Wisconsin) for two years as a Fine Arts major.


He returned to Chicago where, for the next two years, Charles supported himself as a Truck Mechanic. His serious pursuit became the building and driving of race cars; Drag Racing Cars, Go Karts and Sprint Cars. He was instantly successfully, competitive on a national basis, and was being courted to turn professional with an offer of a hot Sprint Car ride (USAC Midget). But the deeper dream of making art returned.

The Cleveland Institute Of Art

Charles then left his success as an engine builder and driver relocated to Cleveland, Ohio. He enrolled at the "Cleveland Institute Of Art," was accepted, and studied there for two years.


Mary Margaret Morris (Chicago girl) and Charles were married in 1962. His first job as a professional artist (1963) involved the silk screen business where he began by hand cutting photo stencils. The photographic aspects of the silk screen business fascinated Charles and after a few years of study he changed his profession to photography. Now with two children (Shawn and Lisa) he spent the rest of the 60's perfecting various levels of Portrait Photography.

 Self portrait with guitar, 1966.

Commercial Photography

In 1970 Charles switched to Commercial Photography, taking a severe pay cut to work in the dark room of a well known commercial catalog house. His talent showed and quickly began to shoot professional images, both on location and in the studio. He also began drawing and painting again. Mary and Charles' second son Charles Patrick, was born in 1971.

During the late 60's mid 70's, Charles worked on the side as a professional racing photographer and made thousands of fantastic racing images. He is still involved with racing and sports photography.

Return to The Cleveland Institute Of Art

In 1972, Charles reentered the Cleveland Institute Of Art and, while working full time as a commercial photographer by day, graduated from the night school program (1977) majoring in Intaglio print making. Through his studies, Charles discovered the classical concepts of open-eyed meditation and began to create Mandalas as a path to self discovery.

Gilchrist Photography

In 1978, Charles formed his own commercial photography business (Gilchrist Photography) located in an old warehouse building.

May Company

In 1980, Charles closed this studio and dissolved "Gilchrist Photography" in order to take a senior executive position with the May Company. He was in charge of the in-house photography studio which produced hundreds of fashion and hard line catalogs, and thousands of newspaper ads). While working for the May Company, Charles developed his own personal studio, a loft located on the top floor of the Bradley Building (Cleveland Warehouse District).

G Plus Studios

In 1982, Charles ended this position with the May Company in order to form a new business (G Plus Studios). Charles designed G Plus Studios to support a more serious pursuit of his personal creative work which he had been avidly pursuing from the beginning. During the 80's, he worked in numerous media including Photography, Graphic Design, Print Making. Drawing, Mixed Media and Painting.

 Self portrait, 1987.

New Mexico

In 1989, Gilchrist dissolved "G Plus Studios," and relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, pursuing a full time "Fine Arts" career in the South West. While working and living there, four local galleries combined to sell about 3 dozen Gilchrist acrylic paintings (Mandalas) but family and financial problems forced changes.


Self Portrait with Acrylic Mandala: New Mexico 1990



In 1991, Charles briefly relocated to the gulf coast of Florida and then moved back to Cleveland, Ohio where he met Pamela Dickens.


Charles and Pamela in New Mexico 1992



In 1995, Charles married his third wife, Pamela and relocated to an old farm in Medina, Ohio (their hermitage). In the late 90's, Pam contracted breast cancer and passed away April 7th, 2000. This was a tragic loss for us all. Pamela Gilchrist was a gifted and well known professional Astrologer with over 2000 clients nation wide.


Charles (now back in Cleveland) continues to produce volumes of work in mutable media including Mandalas and photography. He is collected by numerous patrons. One of his most extraordinary commissions (1996) was for a group of 48 paintings (Mandalas based on sacred geometric icons) which are hung in the new headquarters building of the company "Corporate Express," located in Broomfield, Colorado.

Self Portrait, 2004

Film Making

In 2001, Charles became interested in producing and editing documentary film and video, working with Kevin P. Miller. Mr. Miler is an award wining writer producer with numerous film credits including "Let Truth Be The Bias," "We become Silent," and his new film. "Generation RX". Charles was the associate producer/editor on We Become Silent and Generation RX.

CG Imaging

We at (CG Imaging) manage this site and have reproduced a poster, several limited editions, and numerous prints based on Gilchrist Mandalas. In this section, (Sacred Geometry) we are introducing Mr. Gilchrist's brilliant work in Sacred Geometry to a larger audience.

Gilchrist's Mandala
March 31, 2005

Workshops on Sacred Geometry

Charles has recently begun a new Lecture-Workshop series, each including a limited edition booklet holding numerous Gilchrist Mandalas and graphic works, many never before published in any form. The first Workshop of the series is entitled, Sacred Geometry and The Traditional Oracular Systems. His teaching is both entertaining and informative.

Video Workshops

In september 2007, Charles launched his first Video Workshop on Sacred Geometry, choosing YouTube to introduce his understanding of Mandala and Sacred Geometry to the world in video form (see links below). Look for more coming soon.


If you would like to hear this very unusual artist speak about his beautiful spiritual work and the fabulous transcendental world of Sacred Geometry, contact us via E-mail or call us at (216) 529-1568.

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